Registry Data Collection and Research Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

Definition of specific guidelines, policies and procedures is work in progress by NORE. The process involves extensive discussion within the NORE network.

International collaboration and definitions on methodology are essential for comparisons between national and regional reports.

NORE does not compete with National Arthroplasty Registries, but provides an additional level of evaluations. National registries remain free to add new contents to their national data collection, but harmonisation on variable definitions is a prerequisite.

NORE’s evaluations are based on the National Arthroplasty Registry datasets, as well as on a minimal set of variables, which ideally should be included as a minimum set in all regional and national datasets: the EFORT NORE minimal variables.

Two variables must be coded in a unique way – the patient and the implant:

  • The patient must be uniquely identifiable to match primary and revision surgery for a given patient. A unique personal number (e.g. social security number etc.) is the most secure option, but other solutions are possible.
  • The implant must be uniquely coded by the article and lot number of the implant (in the near future a UID will be available).

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